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Our Multicultural Church

God, it seems, has been leading us to become a multicultural church.  Not only have we dedicated staff and resources to a ministry to Hungarians, but our youth group includes and has included children from Kenya, Uzbekistan, Russia, and the Philippines. And our adult members represent a broad spectrum of ethnic, geographic, economic and educational backgrounds. As Daytona Beach becomes more diverse in race and ethnic culture, we seek to open our doors to people of all races and nations.  



Multicultural Church Sunday

Thanks to all for making this a special worship service as we celebrate our diversity! 








 Pastor Bill Anderson led worship on Multi-Cultural Sunday.







The 23rd Psalm was read by Lane Anderson, Spanish; Aurora Villaflor, Tagalog; Suzie Shepard, Vietnamese; Jolan Toth, Hungarian; Sarah Kangethe, Swahili; Emese Asztalos, English.






Flags from various countries mark Multi-Cultural Sunday, an opportunity to celebrate our diversity.


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Our Multicultural Church