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Ukraine: Street Kids and Orphans


Read about former First Presbyterian Church pastor Bob Gamble's latest effort to help the Ukraine's "street children" build lives for themselves -- and the support he found from former FPC pastoral intern Calvin Gittner, now pastor of Port Orange Presbyterian Church -- in an interview published in the Sept. 19, 2010, edition of the Daytona Beach News-Journal, headlined:

Clergy reach out to help forgotten children of Ukraine

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Bob Gamble's Earlier Report

In February, Nancy Gard, Helen Humphreys and I went to Kiev and then Odessa, Ukraine.  We visited children who live in orhanages, shelters and on the streets.  There are approximately 140,000 street children in the former Soviet Republic which now has a democratically elected President.  Times are tough, though, for these people.  Unemployment is high; alcoholism is a serious issue, and many children leave abusive home environments to live in groups, under the streets and in abandoned buildings.  God has called many Christians to help both from within Ukraine and other countries.  For more information on my efforts to help, see thischildhere.org.

Robert Gamble, Pastor




<a href="http://www.news-journalonline.com/lifestyle/religion/2010/09/19/clergy-reach-out-to-help-forgotten-children-of-ukraine.html">Clergy reach out to help forgotten children of Ukraine</a>

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Ukraine: Street Kids and Orphans