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Where are We?

The simpler answer is: We're located at...

620 S. Grandview Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Not sure where that is? No worries. If you need a map, just click on our address (above) to go to MapQuest. If it doesn't automatically show you our location, type in 620 S. Grandview Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118, If you prefer to just read directions: From the Mainland, head east on International Speedway Boulevard all the way to the beach (A1A), turn south (right), pass four streets, turn right on Revilo , and you will see us on the next block. You can park on the grass in front of the church or in the parking lot to your left (you have to turn left on Grandview and then turn right into the lot.)


Above is a photo of our church, so you won't miss it!



There's another way to answer the question, "Where is First Presbyterian Church?"

The Rev. Richard Hills, who served as "supply pastor" from 2010-2011, put it this way...

"... the church is not just a place or a building. The Church is people.

"And so it follows that an appropriate answer is that, at any given time, the church is in a good variety of places.

"On Sunday morning, much of the church will be at 620 South Grandview in worship. Some of the church will be home with a cold, some caring for a sick relative, some doing a Sunday shift at work, some may just be sleeping in.

"On Monday, the church will be at work, playing golf, shopping, going to the doctor, visiting an assisted living facility resident. The church may be in Daytona Beach, Orlando, visiting friends up north, or vacationing overseas.

"Where is First Presbyterian Church? It is wherever its people are -- going about the process of living day to day lives, coming together periodically to worship, to pray, to eat, to play, to share joy and grief, to experience community, to love one another."




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Where are We?